Sandy Hook Promise Impact by the numbers










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  • More than 11 million participants in one or more of our Know the Signs programs and initiatives
  • More than 6,500 Promise Leaders working in local communities across the country
  • More than 4.5 million people have made the Sandy Hook Promise to do all they can to protect children from gun violence
  • More than 2,700 SAVE Promise Clubs throughout the U.S.
  • 4.5 million people trained in Start With Hello
  • 2 million people trained in Say Something
  • More than 40,000 tips received through the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System in districts and states nationwide



  • Launched our Start With Hello Elementary digital training program specifically for grades K-5, with a grant from The Walt Disney Corporation 
  • Launched our first back-to-school public service announcement, garnering 85 million+ views worldwide, more than $4 million in donated ads via TV, radio, print, and digital, and generating nearly 5,000 media mentions
  • Received our first statewide partnership, mandating the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System to be placed in all schools in Pennsylvania
  • Received the distinguished 2019 “Freedom from Fear” Medal awarded by the prestigious Roosevelt Institute
  • Received the 2019 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award for outstanding contributions to local communities in the prevention of crime and violence


  • October 2018: SHP has 6,200 volunteer Promise Leaders taking action and bringing Know the Signs programs to their communities, hosting information tables at events, meeting with lawmakers, taking advocacy actions like signing petitions and making calls to their legislators and more
  • September 2018: Over 15,000 schools signed up for our Start With Hello Call to Action Week
  • August 2018: We hit 3.5 million youth and adults trained in our Know the Signs programs at schools and youth organizations throughout the country
  • August 2018: To date, over 3,000,000 people have Made the Promise at SandyHookPromise.org
  • March 2018: SHP launched the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) and begins implementation in school districts around the country
  • March 2018: Written by Sandy Hook Promise, the STOP School Violence Act passes, opening up $100 million dollars over 10 years for schools to implement prevention programs like Know The Signs, anonymous reporting systems and other school safety improvements
  • March 2018: Launch of “The Other Side” PSA
  • February 2018: Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden speak with President Trump at the White House Listening Session on gun violence prevention and school safety in the wake of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida


  • December 2017: By the end of this year, over 1.5 million supporters have Made The Promise and we have over 2,400 Promise Leaders nationwide
  • December 2017: Launch of “Tomorrow’s News” PSA
  • December 2017: We honored Vice President Joe Biden at our inaugural winter benefit for his work in gun violence prevention
  • November 2017: Over 4,000 schools nationwide have implemented at least one of our Know The Signs programs
  • June 2017: SHP combines efforts with SAVE, Students Against Violence Everywhere, and has since successfully launched over 1,000 SAVE Promise Clubs in 47 states and the District of Columbia
  • Spring 2017: We partner with SOS Signs of Suicide to bring suicide prevention programming to schools and youth organizations around the country
  • January 2017: Over 1,000,000 people have Made The Promise and we have over 2,000 Promise Leaders nationwide


  • December 2016: Our PSA “Evan garners 100 million views across channels in a few weeks and introduces our Know the Signs prevention programs to millions of Americans online and on television
  • December 2016: SHP plays a pivotal role in the inclusion of mental health parity as part of the 21st Century Cures Act, one of the last bills President Obama signs while in office
  • November 2016: Over the course of this year, we train over 1,000,000 youth and adults in a Know The Signs program
  • February 2016: We launch Start With Hello, our social inclusion program, nationwide
  • January 2016: Following the December 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, Mark Barden introduces President Obama in January 2016 ahead of the president’s speech announcing new executive orders on gun violence prevention at the White House


  • December 2015: We trained over 350,000 youth and adults in at least one Know the Signs program at over 500 schools or youth organizations
  • December 2015: Over 580,000 supporters have Made The Promise
  • December 2015: Over 1,000 volunteer Promise Leaders are spreading awareness and implementing programs in their communities
  • Fall 2015: We enter our first district-wide partnership to bring our programs to Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida
  • April 2015: We partner with Dr. Dewey Cornell of the University of Virginia to bring Safety Assessment and Intervention programming to schools so they can better assess threats and have a team in place to provide solutions to threats and get students help


  • December 2014: SHP’s “Monsters Under the Bed” awareness video and “What They Left Behind” documentary reach over 1.9 million people, and 400,000 view Monsters
  • December 2014: Over 400,000 supporters have Made the Promise
  • November 2014: SHP helps pass a universal background check initiative in Washington State in 2014.
  • November 2014: SHP continues to pass and progress legislation in multiple states and helps pass federal legislation to improve the NICS system
  • November 2014: We launched Say Something nationwide in 2014, training youth to know the signs of someone in crisis and identify a trusted adult to say something to and get the person the help they need before a tragedy can occur



  • December 2013: 180,000 people Make the Promise to protect children from gun violence
  • Fall 2013:  SHP announces core purpose and actions, shifting from a policy focus to community-based prevention through programs and practices, education and awareness and changing “gun violence acceptance” attitudes & behaviors
  • Spring 2013: We lead passage of legislation in Delaware, Illinois and New Jersey and make progress in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire
  • Spring 2013: SHP progresses and helps gain the passage of sensible, comprehensive mental health & wellness and gun safety & access laws in Connecticut
  • Winter 2013: SHP launches comprehensive research to understand causes and enablers of gun violence and to identify real solutions, meeting with academics, medical professionals, law enforcement, gunowners and groups, educators and overall experts in the space of gun violence prevention
  • January 2013: SHP is founded and officially launched