National Youth Violence Prevention Week

Ending Youth Violence

Join youth and teens from across America to take a stand against violence. National Youth Violence Prevention Week is April 25-29, 2022.
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club is proud to be a founding partner of National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW). Founded in 2001, NYVPW brings communities together to raise awareness and learn how to stop youth violence. This week-long non-violence initiative shows the positive role young people play in making their schools and communities safer. Get your action kit today and join us!

Engaging Your Community

Everyone can play a role in preventing youth violence. Our community wheel provides ideas for youth, teens, parents, educators, local officials, business leaders, faith-based groups, and so many more. You’ll find resources on how to organize awareness activities leading up to and during NYVPW.

Learn how you can show your commitment to protecting today’s youth and building safer communities. And get your community united, and excited, about preventing youth violence!

Becoming a Youth Leader

Youth are essential partners in NYVPW, leading the change toward safer schools and communities. SAVE Promise Club empowers youth and gives them the tools and training they need to be successful leaders. They influence their peers in a positive way, resulting in a more caring and connected school community. Through SAVE Promise Club, youth organize around important lessons learned through our programs. Together, students are preventing violence – now and in the future.

Working Together To End Gun Violence: Highlights from 2021

Communities nationwide concerned about gun violence and its impact on their youth have embraced National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW). Some places like Stone Mountain in Georgia have issued proclamations to honor the annual call-to-action, while Hampton, Virginia Mayor Donnie Tuck organized a forum with six other mayors in the region to discuss ongoing violence in their communities and potential prevention efforts.

Dozens of volunteers and organizations in Kentucky created both virtual and in-person events to raise awareness around gun violence and its impact on the youth including art shows, anti-violence campaigns, and a town hall discussion with state Rep. Attica Scott. In past years, the community organized Peace Walks to spread the word throughout the community. 

Thousands of schools also participate in NYVPW each year emphasizing violence prevention efforts with their students. Alberto M. Carvalho, superintendent of the Miami-Dade County Schools, encouraged everyone in the district to participate in the event. Students with the North Marion Middle School in Florida used the opportunity to celebrate “upstanders” who say something when they see the warning signs.

The hard work of the students didn’t go unnoticed. From Kentucky to Colorado, several media organizations featured what clubs were doing in their own communities to celebrate National Youth Violence Prevention Week. 

While National Youth Violence Prevention Week is celebrated each year in April, we have several programs and tons of activities available throughout the year to help prevent gun violence. Bring violence prevention efforts to your own community today! Learn more about SAVE Promise Club