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Teenage Dream PSA Social Media Action Kit

The Teenage Dream Is Not What It Used To Be

As students return to school after a year of the most gun violence on record, we are launching our latest Public Service Announcement (PSA) to underscore that being a teenager is not the carefree life it once was portrayed to be.

By re-recording the upbeat tribute to teenage innocence – Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” – with real school shooting survivors reciting the lyrics, the powerful PSA illustrates how the teenage dream is stolen from those impacted by school shootings. School shootings should not be part of growing up in America. Prevention is critical.

The “Teenage Dream” PSA premiered on Monday, September 13 at 9am ET. Help us raise awareness to prevent a tragedy – please share widely!

Samantha Fuentes was shot in Parkland, Florida in 2018. Bullet fragments remain in her face and legs.
Aalayah Eastmond survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida by hiding under the body of her classmate, Nicholas who was murdered. She holds up a photo of him on her phone.
Nick Walczak from Chardon, Ohio sits in a wheelchair by a window. In 2012, he was shot three times. Paralyzed from waist down.

How You Can Take Action

Share the link to the “Teenage Dream” PSA campaign page  asking your followers to watch the video and share. Post on your social media accounts using sample messages below.

Follow us and share our posts with hashtags #TheTeenageDream #SandyHookPromise.

Sample Posts

Copy and paste on your social media accounts.

  • #TheTeenageDream is not what it used to be. School shootings are preventable when you know the signs. Watch #SandyHookPromise’s new PSA and learn how you can prevent a tragedy. #ProtectOurKids #EndGunViolence
  • Gun violence shouldn’t be part of growing up. The tragic impact of school shootings affects the loved ones of those killed, and survivors carry mental and emotional wounds – beyond the physical scars – that never truly heal. Watch #TheTeenageDream PSA.
  • Watch a new version of #KatyPerry’s song “Teenage Dream” in the premiere of a gut-wrenching PSA by #SandyHookPromise.  #TheTeenageDream #EndGunViolence #ProtectOurKids
  • Watch this new heartbreaking PSA from #SandyHookPromise and see how #TheTeenageDream is not what it used to be for real survivors of school shootings. #EndGunViolence #ProtectOurKids
Thank you for your support and for standing with us to protect children from school shootings and all forms of violence. Connect with us @sandyhook on Twitter and @sandyhookpromise on Facebook and Instagram.