Volunteer Opportunities

Who are Promise Leaders?

Promise Leaders are compassionate volunteers who support the Sandy Hook Promise mission. You’re willing to take action in your community to prevent gun violence by uniting people who value children’s lives. You’ll stand against the gun violence epidemic that claims the lives of thousands of children each year and traumatizes millions more. With Promise Leaders in every U.S. state, we’re organizing people of all backgrounds and beliefs to end gun violence in our schools.


Do you have volunteer opportunities for students and educators?

If you’re a student looking for activities for your club or organization, learn more about our Save Promise Clubs. If you’re an education professional looking for gun violence prevention and social emotional wellness training, please contact our program team.

Learn how our programs benefit students, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers.

What are gun violence prevention volunteer activities?

  • Program: Outreach with local leaders to help start programs in your community.
  • Awareness: Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper about the issues.
  • Awareness: Host an info table at a local fair, conference or community event
  • Advocacy: Contact lawmakers to help pass our sensible gun safety laws.
  • Fundraising: Hold a fun fundraiser to support our mission.
  • Share ideas for your own activities!

 Volunteers in Texas

How are volunteers trained and supported?

Sandy Hook Promise has an expert team of engagement professionals to educate and inspire volunteers. Services include:

  • Toolkits so you can learn about programs and how to take action
  • A secure Facebook group for volunteers across the country
  • Phone call and email support from the Promise Leader team
  • Informative text updates and email newsletters
  • Specialized online trainings and meetups
  • Invitations to Sandy Hook Promise meetings and events in your area

If caring people like you volunteer, then we can keep our promise to honor all children lost to gun violence, including mass shootings and other tragedies.