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Our Staff

With more than 100 people working across America, our staff make possible our mission of educating and empowering youth and adults to prevent violence.

Sandy Hook Promise is a national leader in the movement to reduce gun violence and create safer schools, homes, and communities. Our dedicated staff and volunteers have enabled more than 18 million people to participate in our life-saving “Know the Signs” programs. School shooting plots have been averted, along with teen suicides and countless other acts of violence.

If you’re interested in joining our team, visit the Careers page for current openings.


Learn about the team at Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, our sister organization.

Where to Next?

About Us

By uniting people who value protecting children to take meaningful actions, we will stop the tragic loss of life.

Our Commitment

Sandy Hook Promise strives to ensure its work environment, programmatic work, and culture reflect the values of race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI).

Our Advocacy

Through our sister organization, Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, you can help change policy to enact common sense reforms