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Kadance: Making An Impact In Her Community

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Kadance is a sophomore who participates in the SAVE Promise Club that is part of Jared’s Heart of Success Inc in Lithonia, Georgia. 

She has been an active member for one year.  Learning new social skills and finding ways to use social media to share positive messages and influence other people are some of the things that have been important to Kadance during the past year. 

Being part of her SAVE Promise Club, as well as connecting with others in her community, have been important elements of her experience. Kadance plans to focus much of her efforts with the National Youth Advisory Board on issues that are important to her.  

Everyone Has Something They Can Give Society

“Diversity and equality are important to me because I feel like no one is better than anyone. Everyone has something that they can give to society. The Priceless Project was an amazing outlet on how we are to know that we as people are priceless and that no one is better and that we are all amazing people that need each other to strive for greatness.”  

Kadance, National Youth Advisory Board member

Kadance has been involved in the Beta Club since she was in the fourth grade.  She has loved her work with that club as it has allowed her many opportunities to better the lives of others, whether that is through reading to younger children, participating in food drives, or working on a neighborhood beautification project.

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