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Max: Creating a Promise Tree

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Max is a senior in Wisconsin. He has been an active member of his SAVE Promise Club for one year. His Club is over 15 years old and has become an integral part of the school and community. 

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, the Club was still active in creating a Start With Hello community for all. His Club invited the school to participate in creating a Promise Tree. Students wrote down their promise to prevent violence on paper hands. Then, they were all brought together to create a tree. A visual reminder and emphasis that individual actions contribute to the bigger solution. 

Leading By Example

“I attempt to present myself as a good example for friends and peers alike to follow, providing opportunities for safe, judgment-free communication. This way, I am contributing to a healthy and safe environment that may allow others to flourish and work through struggles they may face and speak of them openly.” 

Max, National Youth Advisory Board member

Some of the other clubs Max is involved with at school are the IT academy, Key Club, Spanish Club, and the National Honor Society. He is an insightful person who believes active listening is key to communication. As a part of the National Youth Advisory Board, he advocates for violence prevention and building community. 

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