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Promise Leaders Bring Change To Their Communities

Sandy Hook Promise Volunteers

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A Promise Leader is a committed supporter of Sandy Hook Promise’s (SHP) mission. These are people who go beyond the individual level and bring Sandy Hook Promise programs and initiatives to a larger audience within their community.

Examples of Promise Leaders at work in their communities include:


Billy, Promise Leader

To celebrate his birthday, Billy (Patterson, NY) and his fellow musician friends would host an annual “Birthday Bash/Jam” — until life got a bit busy. Soon, everyone began to miss the sense of community and connection the event brought them. Now as a fundraiser and awareness raiser for Sandy Hook Promise, Billy’s Birthday Bash just celebrated its third year and due to popularity, needs a bigger venue for next year! “You don’t have to be a musician or have it be a jam,” Billy said. “You can have a fundraiser party focused around watching a sporting event at a sports bar, or trivia night, or bowling, or whatever you’re into! Just have a fun party and make it a fundraiser/awareness raiser for gun violence prevention in support of Sandy Hook Promise’s work.”


Promise Leader Antonia (Chicago, IL) trained herself on the Trusted Adult training, a Promise Leader Program Promotion monthly action. Her passion for education, advocacy, and action for Sandy Hook Promise and helping students is an inspiration. “As someone who is currently in the hiring process of becoming a tutor for elementary school children, I found the Trusted Adult training to be very powerful,” Antonia said. “It made me see that being present and kind might be all a student needs to open up about something they have a gut feeling about.”

Antonia, Promise Leader


Zakia, Promise Leader

Zakia (Cape Elizabeth, ME), a Promise Leader working in the field of health, says, “As a public health professional and civil servant, health promotion and disease and injury prevention is my mission. Outside of work, no effort has felt more relevant and impactful than supporting Sandy Hook Promise’s efforts on gun safety policy and gun violence prevention.” Zakia has connected her children’s school district to SHP’s programs, including a presentation on SAVE Promise Clubs.


Shannon (Street, Maryland) hosted a SHP information table at the annual PTA Spring Fair at her children’s elementary school. Nearly all who attended the fair were families of young children in her rural community. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about Sandy Hook Promise. She shared information about SHP’s mission, programs, and warning signs.

Shannon a Promise Leader in Maryland


Nikki, a Promise Leader in Ohio

Nikki (Worthington, Ohio) has hosted a SHP Open House at a local wine bistro in her neighborhood. She knew that within her circle of friends, neighbors, and colleagues she already had an audience that would be interested in Sandy Hook Promise. At the event itself, Nikki broke the evening up into 30-minute segments to share out about SHP’s mission and programs.

Become a Promise Leader

Promise Leaders support Sandy Hook Promise’s mission in two main ways. First, by starting a SHP program, such as Say Something or Start With Hello, within their community. Secondly, by organizing an awareness-building activity. This could be hosting a table at a community event, starting an online campaign, or hosting a documentary viewing event in their community at least once per calendar year.

Sign up as a Promise Leader and help protect children from gun violence in your community.