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Teresa: Knowing the Signs is Critical

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Teresa, a senior in Mississippi, first got involved in her school’s SAVE Promise Club two years ago after seeing all the great activities being done in school and in the community. Since joining the Club, Teresa said she has really enjoyed working with elementary students and talking about anti-violence measures. 

Teresa said she quickly learned that students can make a difference and help to stop violence in their schools. Knowing the warning signs and encouraging students to reach out for help when they need it or see someone else in need are critical tools she said she learned through the Say Something program. 

“Children and teens in America deserve better, there shouldn’t have to be more school shootings for the government and older generations to see that we need change now.”

Teresa, National Youth Advisory Board member

Besides working with Sandy Hook Promise and the SAVE Promise Club, Teresa has also been actively involved in her community with several other organizations including Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) and the Asian Student Club. She had logged more than 200 volunteer hours during her first two years of high school. 

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