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What Young People Need to Know About Secure Storage of Firearms

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Preventing gun violence means everyone must do their part to keep each other safe. Part of that is stopping guns from being misused. There are many people who own guns and take responsible steps to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

By doing things like securely storing their guns, gun owners can help prevent tragedies like suicides, accidental shootings, and school shootings. Secure storage can also prevent guns from being stolen and used by criminals.

What Happens When Guns Aren’t Stored Safely?

When people don’t store their guns securely, bad things can happen. We have all seen the news about people playing with guns and killing their friends, parents or little brothers and sisters. Almost 70% of school shootings were done with guns from the home that were not securely stored.* The good news is, this can be prevented.

Secure storage can stop young people, including small children, from handling and firing guns. In other words, secure storage can save lives.

What Can I Do if I See a Gun Being Used Unsafely?

Guns, rifles, and other firearms should always be kept in a secure location. While some kids might safely go with their parents on a hunting trip or to the firing range, it is never safe to play with a gun like a toy. Playing with a gun can be one of the warning signs of violence. So, leave right away and go find your parents or a trusted adult you can talk to about what you saw.

If you want to learn more about the warning signs and how to get help, talk to your teachers about bringing our free Say Something program to your school.

How Can I Support Secure Storage in My Community?

You can use your voice for change! Our experts have created fun, easy ways to make a difference. A great place to start is to host a circle-up! Sit down with your classmates or family to discuss why storing guns securely is important to you. You can get the conversation started with questions like:

  • What do you think?
  • How can our parents and teachers take action?
  • How can we spread the news to teach our community about secure storage?

Sign Up for the Action Kit

Students aged 13 and up can sign up to get our Secure Storage Action Kit. If you aren’t 13 yet, you’ll have to get your parent or guardian to download this for you. (* required field)

  • Providing this information will help us alert you to action opportunities in your local area.
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