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How To PSA Action Kit

"The Kids Are Not Alright" PSA Campaign

In partnership with BBDO New York, Sandy Hook Promise is releasing three, short videos (one minute or less) that illustrate the current emotional situation among kids: a “powder keg” that can give rise to various forms of youth violence – not just shootings, but suicide, self-harm, and depression.

Parents and caring adults who know how to spot the outer signs of an inner struggle can prevent mental health challenges or emotional distress from turning into any form of violence.

Help us raise awareness to prevent tragedy.

How You Can Help

Share the link to the campaign page to watch the videos, asking your followers to watch and share. Post on your social media accounts using sample messages below. Tag us @sandyhook on Twitter and @sandyhookpromise on Facebook and Instagram, and follow us to retweet, share, or repost!

Campaign Hashtags

#HowTo #ProtectOurKids

Sample Posts

Copy and paste on your social media accounts.

  • When emotional distress and mental health challenges overwhelm kids, it can lead to suicide, self-harm, depression, and violence. Now more than ever, it’s essential to learn the signs to prevent a tragedy.
    #AreOurKidsAlright #HowTo #ProtectOurKids
  • Today’s youth are facing unprecedented mental health struggles. School, the pandemic, isolation, and stress can lead to self-harm, suicide, and other forms of violence. Learn the outer signs of an inner struggle. #AreOurKidsAlright #HowTo #ProtectOurKids
  • #AreOurKidsAlright being isolated from friends, depressed about missing pre-pandemic life, worried about their health & safety and overloaded with screen time? What are the dangers of kids in crisis? What can you do to help them?
    #HowTo #ProtectOurKids
  • #AreOurKidsAlright?
    – Isolated from friends
    – Stressed about school
    – Depressed about missing pre-pandemic life
    – Worried about their health & safety
    – Overloaded with screen time
    You can help before it’s too late.
    Learn #HowTo #ProtectOurKids
Thank you for your support and for standing with us to protect children from all forms of violence. Connect with us @sandyhook on Twitter and @sandyhookpromise on Facebook and Instagram.