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How To Help After a Gun Violence Tragedy

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There’s been a tragic incident of gun violence and you’re looking for ways to get involved. Gun violence moves us all to action – especially when it involves children. Sandy Hook Promise offers resources and solutions to help you choose your next steps and find the action that empowers you. Whether you’re a student or educator ready to mobilize your school or a parent looking for support, this is the place for you.

Learn the Warning Signs of Violence

  • Know the warning signs and spread awareness in your school, home, and community. Learn the Signs.

Start or Join a SAVE Promise Club

  • Learn about SAVE Promise Clubs and sign up to receive special resources. Join the Club.

Organize Your School on Violence Prevention Solutions

Use an Action Kit from our Voices for Change advocacy series for young people. This series is rooted in our commitment to co-creating school safety policies with the input of students. As with every Action Kit in the series, this resource is designed with young people in mind.

Communicate with Young People About Gun Violence

Listen to Youth Voices

Watch a recording of our virtual Town Hall where members of the National Youth Advisory Board respond to the shooting in Uvalde, provide solutions you can implement right way and discuss they policy changes they want to see.