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SAVE Promise Club Details

Students want safe schools and communities and want to lead the change in these efforts. SAVE Promise Club empowers youth to be the leaders of change. They influence their peers in a positive way, resulting in a more caring and connected school community.

Through SAVE Promise Club, youth organize around important lessons learned through our programs, such as Say Something and Start With Hello. Students create a culture of looking out for one another, being upstanders and preventing violence, through engaging ongoing activities. Together, students are creating safer schools and communities – now and in the future.

Download the SAVE Promise Club Fact Sheet and How to Get Started guide to discover more about how you can get involved. 

SAVE Promise Club History 

In April of 1989, over 200 students from West Charlotte Senior High School (NC) gathered at a party. A carload of young men from a rival school showed up armed and looking for trouble. As teens panicked, 17-year-old Alex Orange stepped forward. Alex, a fullback on the West Charlotte football team, was a young man who looked out for other people. Alex told the intruders this was no place for violence. Sadly, shots were fired and Alex fell to the floor. Surrounded by shaken friends and schoolmates, Alex lost his life to gun violence.

The following week, students returned to school mourning yet another young life lost too soon to violence. Joining together in their grief, they vowed that something was going to change, and change for the better! The group formed Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE).

In 2017, SAVE and Sandy Hook Promise combined efforts on educating and empowering young people to help prevent violence. There are now thousands of SAVE Promise Clubs across the country.

Alex Orange

What does a SAVE Promise Club do?

SAVE Promise Club chapters meet with their advisor regularly to plan monthly or quarterly activities. Some of the most popular are:

  • Creating campaigns to lift up youth voices on creating safer schools and communities
  • Organizing their school’s spirit week for Sandy Hook Promise programs
  • Facilitating discussions on what it means to be an upstander or look out for one another
  • Leading events such as Back to School and National Youth Violence Prevention Week
  • Coordinating events in the community, such as kindness days or days of service and leadership
  • Participating in Sandy Hook Promise’s national contests, meet ups and webinars

What is the role of Adult Advisors?  

Even though students plan and lead the SAVE Promise Club activities, they need an Advisor for support. SAVE Promise Club Advisors typically spend 2-8 hours per month on club related activities. Among other things, Advisors support clubs by:

  • Meeting and event logistics such as agendas, location, time, presenters and guest speaker
  • Guide youth on permissions, processes and approvals from your administration and community
  • Project management and scheduling for activities and events
  • Share Sandy Hook Promise resources, such as newsletters, activity guides and toolkits
  • Accompany youth to presentations and community events

Meet the School Advisory Committee

What resources does Sandy Hook Promise provide? 

  • SAVE Promise Club Fact Sheet & Overview
  • Steps to Get Involved
  • A Monthly Activity Guide that includes themes and suggested activities
  • Getting the Club Started, Activity Ideas, Lesson Plans (aligned to Social Emotional Learning), club examples and more
  • Monthly newsletter with up-to-date information, tips, best practices and ideas 
  • One-on-one phone and email support from our staff
  • Invitations to SAVE Promise Club trainings, SAVE Promise Club Youth Summit and more
  • Opportunities for students to present at the National Youth Summit and join the Youth Advisory Board
  • So much more!