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Everything You Need for Successful Say Something Programming and Call-to-Action Weeks

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Sandy Hook Promise’s no-cost Say Something program teaches students to recognize the warning signs of someone at-risk of hurting themselves or others and how to “say something” to a trusted adult to get help. Say Something develops social-emotional learning (SEL) skills and seamlessly aligns with existing SEL curriculum, instruction, and programs.  

This webpage includes all the resources you need to implement a successful Say Something program and Say Something Week. There are nine sections:

Say Something Planning Resources

Say Something Digital Training Guide for Educators

This guide is for educators who are training students using the Say Something  Core Student Training video. The guide contains lessons and activities you can use before, during, and after the Core Student Training video to engage your students in this life-saving content.

Say Something DIY Training Guide for Educators

This guide is for educators who are training students themselves using the Say Something  Core Student Training presentation. The guide contains lessons and activities you can use before, during, and after the Core Student Training video to engage your students in this life-saving content.

Say Something Letter Template for Educators

The Say Something Letter Template for Educators introduces the Say Something program to your school or youth organization.  

Say Something Trainings for Students

Core Training

The first step of the Say Something program is to deliver the Core Training via video or using the DIY model.  Both are located at Sandy Hook Promise’s Learning Center.

Core Training for Distance Learners

This course covers the same overall content as the Core Training and is specifically designed for students learning from home.  Located at Sandy Hook Promise’s Learning Center.

Prevent Suicide

This course expands on the Core Training to help students recognize the specific warning signs of suicide in their peers, take these warnings signs seriously, and get help immediately.  Due to the sensitive nature of the content, an in-person school setting is required for this course.  Located at Sandy Hook Promise’s Learning Center.

Say Something Trainings for Educators

Being a Trusted Adult

This professional development workshop is a companion to the Core Training and defines what it means to be a Trusted Adult. It provides strategies to support students when they report warning signs; and engages educators in interactive action planning to grow and sustain a community of care for students.  Located at Sandy Hook Promise’s Learning Center.

Say Something Sustainability Resources

After the student training, sustain the Say Something program into your school or youth organization’s culture using the resources below. 

Educators Guide

After you deliver the Core Training to students, you can begin to integrate the Say Something principles into your school’s culture by regularly engaging students in discussions using this easy-to-use Educators Guide 

Say Something in a Virtual Learning Environment

This guide is for educators who teaching in a virtual environment and contains engaging activities you can use to integrate the Say Something principles into your school’s virtual culture. 

Promotional Video

This two-minute video is designed to help promote  Say Something and teach the three steps. It can be used to quickly remind students of the threestep process and can also be shared with school staff, parents and community members.

Parent Brochure

The Say Something Parent Brochure is a tool to help continue the Say Something conversation at home.  Available in English and Spanish.

Say Something Poster

Keep the Say Something message top-of-mind for students by downloading, printing, and posting the  poster (11×17 or 22×24) in your school or youth organization.

Multilingual Resources

Resources are available in multiple languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, and Vietnamese.

SAVE Promise Club

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs are student-led organizations that work to prevent violence in their communities by teaching, modelling, and sustaining Sandy Hook Promise’s Start With Hello and Say Something programs. Students in all grade levels can start or join SAVE Promise Clubs, either as a stand-alone club or embedded into an existing club such as SADD, Student Council, FCCLA, or another student leadership, civic, or kindness club. Many SAVE Promise Clubs are successful meeting only once or twice a month and organizing four activities throughout the year. Click here for more information about SAVE Promise Club and how to start one.

Say Something Digital Student Training

You can find the Say Something training videos on Sandy Hook Promise’s online training center at Once registered, you will have access to videos you can show in a classroom or virtual setting, and/or those that students can view independently using unique logins and passwords.

"Say Something" Overview Video

The opening Say Something video accompanies the PowerPoint Presentation. It’s also available with English subtitles and Spanish subtitles.

Say Something Week

Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in Say Something Week. They come together to raise awareness about the Say Something, as well as celebrate upstanders and trusted adults.  Below are resources that will help you to implement a great Say Something Week!

Planning Guide for Schools and Youth Organizations

This Say Something Week Planning Guide provides ideas and best practices for teachers, staff, and administrators. The guide provides a planning strategy and sample, easy-to-implement activities —whether you do activities all week or just one day of the national call-to-action week.

Planning Guide for Students

This Say Something Week Planning Guide provides ideas and best practices for students seeking to play a leadership role in implementing Say Something Week. The guide provides a planning strategy and sample activities for the entire week or even one day.

Signature Activities

Check out these signature activities that schools and student leaders have implemented during past Say Something Weeks. These engaging activities reinforce the Say Something message and help to integrate this message into a school’s culture.

Say Something Week Awards

All schools and youth organizations participating in Say Something Week are eligible to apply for the Say Something Awards. Learn more

Say Something Week Resources