Say Something Week

Celebrating Student Upstanders and Trusted Adults!

Save the Date: March 14-18, 2022

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Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in Say Something Week, a national call-to-action. Whether your school is in session, you are working with students remotely, or a combination of the two, Say Something Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the Say Something program as well as celebrate upstanders and trusted adults.

This year’s Say Something Week theme is: Celebrating Student Upstanders and Trusted Adults.

In order to provide schools maximum flexibility, Say Something Week in March and schools are encouraged to select a week that works best for them. Sandy Hook Promise will recognize participants nationwide, March 14–18, 2022.

Schools and youth organizations that serve Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) populations are strongly encouraged to apply.

What is the Say Something Program?

The no-cost Say Something program teaches middle and high school students how to look for the warning signs of someone at risk of hurting themselves or others and how to tell a trusted adult to get help. See the three Say Something  steps below:

Recognize The Signs

Learn about different types of warning signs or threats and how to spot them, especially on social media.

Act Immediately, Take it seriously

Understand strategies to take action and overcome potential barriers to being an “upstander” rather than a “bystander.”

Say Something

Learn how to intervene by telling a trusted adult or using an anonymous reporting system.

Who Participates in Say Something Week?

School and youth organizations from across the country participate in Say Something Week to celebrate upstanders and Trusted Adults.

How Does Say Something Week Work?

Schools and youth organization staff—serving students in grades 6-12— work collaboratively with students to plan and implement high-impact and engaging activities. Together, they support a culture of looking out for one another, as well as celebrate upstanders and trusted adults. The number and types of activities are designed for you to customize so you can meet the unique needs of your school and youth organization. Here are examples of different ways you can design your Say Something Week.

Participating organizations are encouraged to deliver the core training before or during Say Something Week. In just about a half hour, your students can learn these life-saving lessons. Digital and “Do-It-Yourself” versions of the training are located on our Learning Center.  Engaging on social media is also a great way to recognize your students and be a part of the national campaign. Make sure to use #SaySomethingWeek and tag us @sandyhook on Twitter and @sandyhookpromise on Instagram and Facebook.

When is Say Something Week?

Say Something Week takes place in March and schools are encouraged to select a week that works best for them.

What Resources Are Available?

Upon registering, you’ll receive resources that will help you plan as well as provide you with ideas for activities. These include a Planning Guide for schools and youth organizations, a Planning Guide for students, and a variety of engaging activities. Check out these signature activities for examples of activities that schools and student leaders have implemented during past Say Something Weeks.

Get graphics, sample posts and ideas for promise challenges from our Say Something Week Social Media Action Kit!

How Can Students Take the Lead?

Empower your students to play a leadership role in Say Something Week by encouraging them to start a Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club. These student-led organizations work to prevent violence in their communities by teaching, modeling, and sustaining Sandy Hook Promise’s  Start With Hello and Say Something  programs. Each Club receives a Planning Guide, Activity Guide, as well as a variety of tools and resources to make participating in Say Something Week easy and impactful.

If your school doesn’t have a SAVE Promise Club, encourage student leaders to start one. Find out more and register.

What Are the Say Something Week Awards?

The Say Something  School Awards recognize school activities that promote and celebrate knowing the signs, upstanders and trusted adults. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get information on award submission guidelines and deadlines. Learn more.

Can We Get Say Something Merch?

While the Say Something program and Say Something Week are 100% free, you can visit the Say Something Shop in Sandy Hook Promise’s online store. There you’ll find wristbands, t-shirt and so much more. Please order by February 1 to make sure you get your items in time.

Planning to create your own t-shirts or materials? You’ll get downloadable logos once you register for Say Something Week.

What Are Students Saying About Say Something Week?

Dyuthi Kumar, a junior at California High School and member of the Sandy Hook Promise National Youth Advisory Board (YAB), shares the Importance of Celebrating Say Something Week and ideas for activities in her guest blog.

Aashi Mittal, a junior at Del Norte High School and co-founder of her school’s SAVE Promise Club, writes about Empowering Students to ‘Say Something’ and the opportunity to make their voices heard on the issues and behaviors that impact them.