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This webpage includes all the resources you need to implement a successful  Start With Hello  Program and Start With Hello Week. There are four sections:

Start With Hello Week

Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in  Start With Hello  Week, a national call-to-action week. Whether your school is in session, you are working with students remotely, or a combination of the two,  Start With Hello  Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the Start With Hello message as well as the amazing work your school or youth organization has done. Here are materials to get you started!

Daily Themes and Activities

SWHW 2022 Daily Themes + Core Activity poster/flyer

Monday Celebrate Activities

Tuesday Celebrate Activities

Wednesday Celebrate Activities

Thursday Celebrate Activities

Friday Celebrate Activities

Tips for Running a Start With Hello Week Pep Rally

Sign a Start With Hello Week Pledge

Planning Guide for Schools and Youth Organizations

This Start With Hello Planning Guide provides ideas and best practices for teachers, staff, and administrators. The guide provides a planning strategy and sample, easy-to-implement activities — whether you do activities all week or just one day of the national call-to-action week.

Planning Guide for Students

This Start With Hello Planning Guide provides ideas and best practices for students seeking to play a leadership role in implementing Start With Hello Week. The guide provides a planning strategy and sample activities for the entire week or even one day.

Start With Hello Signature Activities

Ready-to-print Hello-Grams, cups-n-compliments notes, gratitude cards, and more can be found in this Signature Activity kit for student leaders and educators.

Resource Kit for Educators

This Back-to-School Kit contains Start With Hello activities that you can make part of your class routine throughout September and beyond. The Social-Emotional Learning activities reinforce key messages in the Start With Hello program and help build inclusive and caring classroom communities.

Start With Hello School and District Awards

Schools and districts across the country have done incredible things to show their Start With Hello spirit. That’s why we created an award to showcase the best of the best for all grade levels. Find out how you can apply.

Student Trainings

The Start With Hello  presentations can be completed in one class period. Below are the different presentation options:

Elementary School
Middle and High School

*Please note: for DIY presentations, click on “Comments” and you’ll have access to the talking points for each slide.

Student Training Resources

Deliver the  Start With Hello  training to your students. On this page are elementary school, middle school, and high school guides to help you plan.

Digital Start With Hello Elementary Educator Guides

Register at our no cost Learning Center to get access to the Start With Hello elementary digital training. The guides below will provide a curriculum map as well as comprehensive lesson plans and activities.

Middle and High School Educator's Guide

Download a unit plan with recommended pacing and delivery of the Middle and High School Start With Hello program.

Student Workbook

Download a student workbook with checks for understanding for the training video or a teacher-led DIY training.

Virtual Start With Hello

Start With Hello can be run successfully in virtual settings as well. Use our comprehensive  How To Run  Start With Hello  Virtually guide to help you plan.

Supplemental Resources

Download this Overview Letter for Educators to introduce your fellow educators, faculty, and staff to the Start With Hello program.

Download this Start With Hello Parent Brochure to introduce your parents to the Start With Hello program.

Download a set of Sandy Hook Promise, Start With Hello, and SAVE Promise Club logos and graphics. Please follow these guidelines when using a Sandy Hook Promise logo:

  • Please do not alter the logos in any way (beyond size).
  • Do not overlap any other visuals or words on top of the logo when using it.
  • This logo is approved by Sandy Hook Promise for use with school-approved purposes only.

Did you know many of our materials and guides are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, and Vietnamese? Visit our multilingual resources page to get yours today.

Video Best Practices

Graphics Collection

Social Media Toolkit

Media Advisory Template and Parent Letter Template

Proclamation for Community Leaders Template

Start With Hello Stickers to use digitally or print-out and share