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This webpage includes all of the resources and material for a successful Start With Hello program launch. Bookmark this webpage to your favorites so you can view it often and find the resources easily.

The Start With Hello (SWH) Power Point presentation, the Train the Trainer video, and the supporting material can be found below in the SWH presentations section. In the Supporting Material section, you will find the educator guide, student guide, parent brochure, and logos for school use. You will also find additional resources under Start With Hello Week Materials.

Did you know many of our materials and guides are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol and Vietnamese? Visit our multilingual resources page to get yours today.

Please note: Occasionally, firewalls block access to the materials. If you are unable to access links on this page, please contact the IT department at your school or organization or log on to a different wi-fi network.

Begin Here

The Start With Hello curriculum is delivered to students through the Start With Hello PowerPoint Presentation. To assist educators with leading the training, Sandy Hook Promise has created a Train the Trainer video. In the video, SHP Staff Member Marykay Wishneski walks educators through the presentation step-by-step. Please note, this video is intended only for Start With Hello presenter training purposes and is not intended for student use.

Virtual Start With Hello

Start With Hello activities and Call-to-Action Week can be run successfully in virtual settings. Use our comprehensive How To Run Start With Hello Virtually guide.

Start With Hello Presentations

The Start With Hello presentations can be completed in 40 minutes. For presentations, after downloading, click on “Comments” and you’ll have access to the talking points for each slide. Be sure to download our new Middle and High School Presentation for the 2020-21 school year!

Supporting Material

New! Start With Hello Digital Elementary Program Educator Guides
Find comprehensive lesson plans and activities with a curriculum map. These guides complement the new interactive digital learning platform. Register at to access all the free digital tools and instructional resources.

Start With Hello Overview Letter for Educators

Download this customizable letter to email to your fellow educators, faculty and staff.

Start With Hello Educator Guide

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist adult educators in delivering the Start with Hello program. It includes classroom objectives, discussion questions, key messages, activities, extension options, and additional resources.

Start With Hello Student Guide

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist students in delivering the Start With Hello program. It includes tips for getting started; key action steps and messages to emphasize; and ideas, activities, and resources that young people can do throughout the year to carry Start With Hello forward.

Start With Hello Parent Brochure

The Start With Hello Parent Brochure is a tool that is provided by the school or youth organization and can be sent home via email for parents and caregivers to help continue the conversation at home.

Start With Hello Logos

Download a set of Sandy Hook Promise, Start With Hello, and SAVE Promise Club logos and graphics. Please follow these guidelines when using a Sandy Hook Promise logo:

  • Please do not alter the logos in any way (beyond size).
  • Do not overlap any other visuals or words on top of the logo when using it.
  • This logo is approved by Sandy Hook Promise for use with school-approved purposes only.

Start With Hello Student Training Video

To see an example of the Start With Hello Student Training by one of our many outstanding Promise Presenters, we strongly encourage you to watch the following Student Training before presenting the material. Please note, this video is intended only for training purposes for Start With Hello presenters. They are not intended for student use.

Start With Hello Week Materials

Start With Hello Week activities raise awareness and educate students and the community on ways to reduce isolation and increase connectedness. We have also included ideas on how your school or community-based organization can continue to carry Start With Hello forward through a SAVE Promise Club in order to create a real and lasting culture of kindness and inclusion. We believe that the best way to implement sustained change is to let young people lead the charge! Here are materials to get you started!

Start With Hello Final Steps

Sustain the Message with our SAVE Promise Clubs

SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise Clubs are a place for young people across the country to show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, schools and communities from violence before it happens. For additional ideas on how to sustain Start with Hello and empower your students to look out for one another and be leaders, visit SAVE Promise Club to learn more.