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Start With Hello Multilingual Resources

Hola! Olá! Bonjou! Xin chào!

Start With Hello resources are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyòl and Vietnamese. In fact, one of our signature activities includes having students learn to say “hello” in a new language. Please explore the page below to find the materials that are right for you and your students.

Occasionally, firewalls block access to the materials. If you can’t access links on this page, please contact your IT department or log on to a different wi-fi network.

Students decorate a mark with the word "hello" in colorful ways in multiple languages.

Start With Hello Presentations

Start With Hello presentations can be completed in 40 minutes and are available in English and Spanish. In addition, for the Haitian Kreyòl, Portuguese, and Vietnamese presentations, the translated text can be accessed in the “Notes” section just below each slide.  To access this translated text, download the presentation and click on “View, then go to “Presentation Views” and then click on “Normal”.  Under each slide, you will see the translated PowerPoint text as well as the translated talking points.

Start With Hello Educator Guide 

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist adult educators in delivering Start With Hello. It includes classroom objectives, discussion questions, key messages, activities, extension options, and additional resources. 


Start With Hello Student Guide 

You can help your students deliver Start With Hello with this user-friendly guide. It includes tips for getting started and key action steps and messages to emphasize. What’s more, students will get ideas, activities, and resources to keep Start With Hello going throughout the school year. 


Start With Hello Parent Brochure

The Start With Hello Parent Brochure is a tool that is provided by the school or youth organization and can be sent home via email for parents and caregivers to help continue the conversation at home.  

Start With Hello Parent Template

If you or a family member would like to email your child’s principal or youth organization director to encourage them to participate in Start With Hello Week, you can use this email template.

Spanish Language Videos 

Scavenger Hunt

Break the ice with your Spanish-speaking students with this fun rainbow scavenger hunt, featuring Sandy Hook Promise staff.  

Start With Hola!

Schools across the country have shared videos about Start With Hello. Here’s one in Spanish, from Buchanan BioEngineering Academy in Tampa, Florida.