Today Is National Gun Violence Awareness Day


Who are you #WearingOrange for?

At SHP we believe everyone should live in an America free of gun violence. Today we wear orange in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Share Sandy Hook Promise with your family and friends and work with us to #ProtectOurKids from gun violence. Encourage them to Make the Promise here: 

Share Your Self-Care!

Self-care is so important to maintaining mental wellness. Some of SHP staff and volunteers' favorite self-care practices are walking (or cuddling with!) our dogs, exercising, going to the park, reading outside, taking baths, and riding bikes! Here are a few more of our best tips! #ShareYourSelfCare


There were 108 Incidents of Gun Violence Over Memorial Day Weekend. You Can Do Something About It!

108 people were shot in Baltimore, New York, and Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend.

These numbers are disheartening, but you can do something about it. Make the Sandy Hook Promise and help us to #‎ProtectOurKids from #‎GunViolence!

Read more about the rash of violence HERE

How To Support a Loved One's Mental Health

Check out and share NAMI's great infographic about the best ways to support a loved one's mental health.

Some tips include encouraging your loved one to keep up with their treatment plan, learning as much as possible about their #‎mentalhealth condition and creating a crisis plan with important phone numbers. And don't forget to take care of yourself as well!

#‎MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #‎MHAM

Landmark California Lawsuit Mandates Trauma-Informed Education

"The key in all of these schools is, instead of asking a kid “What’s wrong with you?”, teachers ask “What happened to you?” and provide support and guidance to the student."

A class action suit on behalf of 5 students and 3 teachers in the Compton Unified School District in Compton, CA was filed to mandate proven trauma-informed practices in all public schools.

Research shows that children with higher Adverse Childhood Experience scores are more than twice as likely to be suspended from school, 6 times more likely to experience behavioral problems, 5 times more likely to have severe attendance issues, and often have reduced reading ability and lower GPAs- all things that create barriers to learning. #‎ACEs

Read more HERE

"What They Left Behind"

Every gun-related death is a preventable death. Find programs to protect your children at

Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who have served and will serve!

"My Brother's Life, Unraveled"

Alex Halperin, a news editor at Salon, tells the story of his brother Anthony.

In April of 2011, Anthony committed suicide on the roof of the family home, after years of behaviors that his parents and siblings attributed to a heavy school workload, medical school, and studying abroad.

An incredibly smart, handsome, and hardworking man, Anthony lost a battle that many Americans face. Almost 90% of people who commit suicide suffer from a treatable and diagnosable mental illness. Though Anthony didn't ever go see a psychiatrist, he exhibited recognizable symptoms of many mental health issues.

Read more to learn about this family's struggle with depression and mental illness, and the grief that inevitably comes after a family member commits suicide. To learn more about someone who may be at risk for hurting themselves or others, please visit our #‎KnowtheSigns program page here: