The Child Safety Issue No One Wants to Talk About

HERE, read one mother's take on "The Child-Safety Issue No One Wants to Talk About". 

Keeping weapons out of the reach of children is imperative to their safety and the safety of others of all ages. 

Along with the many suggestions made in Karen Weese's article, you can visit for safe storage programs like Keep It Safe and Secure (KISS), and Know the Signs, so we can all work together to#ProtectOurKids


Local Connecticut Teens Carry on Daniel Barden's Message

VIDEO: “I wanted to do something in Daniel's memory because I feel like everyone understands what happened in Sandy Hook, but not a lot of people remember it after a while.”

Watch below to see how 2 local teens are carrying Daniel's spirit of compassion and kindness through their new song, "Counting On You". 

The song is available for download at and proceeds benefit Sandy Hook Promise. 

We thank Amber and Jason for donating their incredible talents and for sharing the importance of kindness and love through their beautiful song. 

You can purchase the song and read more about the duo HERE.

President Obama Designates Millions for Gun Violence Prevention

Last Wednesday, President Obama signed sweeping legislation into law that designates millions of dollars for gun violence prevention programs. 

As part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act, $73 million in funding will go to increasing state reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to prevent domestic abusers, felons, and fugitives from buying firearms. 

Another $75 million will go toward a national school safety initiative and another $6 million will go to community-based public health programs. 

The passage of this bill ensures guns will be better kept out of the hands of criminals, and that makes all of us safer.

Read more HERE.

Our CharityBuzz Auction is Almost Over!

Our CharityBuzz auction is ending soon! Check out some of the cool items up for grabs like tickets to batting practice at Citi Field with the New York Mets, a Fender telecaster guitar signed by Sheryl Crow and tickets to the Sundance Film Festival.

All proceeds benefit Sandy Hook Promise!

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SHP Meets With Connecticut Law Makers in Hartford

“32,000 shooting deaths a year that can be avoided."

On Monday, we were pleased to meet with Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, as well as Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty in Hartford to discuss their plans to urge the 114th Congress to act on gun violence prevention. 

We are thankful and encouraged by them for making gun violence prevention for Connecticut, and the country, a priority. 

Read more about our visit HERE. 

Congratulations, Dr. Vivek Murthy!

Congratulations to Dr. Vivek Murthy on his confirmation as America's next Surgeon General. 

Beyond his outstanding medical qualifications that make him the best candidate for the role, we are proud of his belief that gun violence is a public health issue that doctors everywhere can have a hand in stemming.

Addressing the Real Threats

HERE, read Mark Barden's piece in the Huffington Post about what we've learned in the two years since 12/14 and how we can better protect our kids from real threats. 



The Letter One Sandy Hook Mom Wants You to Read

"But after every sort of victory, there’s also a moment of incredible sadness for me, for whatever happens, I know I still can’t bring Dylan back. That hole will never be filled. No matter how many lives get saved in his name, or in the name of others, I can’t go back. But you can go forward and make a difference."

HERE, read Nicole Hockley's letter about how her life has changed, now 2 years after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and how you can help prevent tragedies in your own communities and #ProtectOurKids.